84 LASU Students — Guilty Of Indecent Dressing — Receive Warning Letters

84 undergraduates who flouted the dress code of Lagos State University (LASU) have been issued warning letters by the manament of the institution.

According to the official bulletin of LASU, the students, after being sent the letters, were magnanimously pardoned for dressing indecently within the school premises.

The guilty undergraduates were advised to desist from going against the dress code or face disciplinary action.

“The students have been magnanimously pardoned by the university authority and were warned to desist from the act of indecent dressing, henceforth, or face disciplinary action,” the bulletin said.

Find below, full list of students pardoned. Click for the list of guilty students


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  1. This is good. Some of them dress indecently out of innocence, poverty and ignorance of the consequences of their decisions. Many are forced to go for second-hand clothing smuggled in from overseas countries. These ones ought to be constantly reminded and counselled on the type of clothes to wear in public, even if it’s second-hand clothing.

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