Akpabio admits rigging primary election…..Punch

Akwa Ibom State Governor Godswill Akpabio has confessed to manipulating the result of a 2007 Peoples Democratic Party  senatorial primary election in  the state by single-handedly replacing the winner with the name of his preferred candidate. Akpabio, who is also the PDP Governors Forum chairman, made the confession  when a delegation of the National Good Governance  Tour  visited the state on March 9. The tour, which was recorded with a  video camera,  was led by the Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku. The video which went viral  on Sunday was as of 8.47pm viewable onpremiumtimes.com, the website of an online Nigerian news portal, Premium Times. The governor made the confession while  defending his claim of being fair to the people of Ini and Ikono. He was responding to a question that he had not impacted the lives of the people of the two communities, especially in the area of roads, schools and other public infrastructure…..  
JD:Once again i am inclined to say this man needs help.but not just him alone.The Akwa Ibom people need help to get rid of this bull in a China shop.manHis recent actions and utterances show that all might not be well with this “oga at the top”.He just seems to be putting his foot in it all the time.The “uncommon transformation ” now behaves in an uncommon manner and it will take uncommon methods to rid his state of this raving megalomaniac.Its up to his people!