16 Primary School Teachers Fail English Test In Delta ….. LEADERSHIP

No fewer than 16 primary school teachers within Asaba and its environs in Delta State, last Thursday failed the use of verb “hit” in past, present and continuous tense in their various classrooms when officials and commissioner of the State’s Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education paid them an unscheduled visit.

What appeared to be a mild drama gripped the officials including the commissioner in four of the schools (names withheld) visited where the teachers bungled in the use of verb “hit” to make complete present, past and continuous tense statements.

The teachers (names withheld) goofed when they told their students: “hit, hitting, hitten”, which triggered uproarious laughter among the ministry officials including the students who observed their teachers goof. The teachers were corrected as follows: hit, hit, hitting.

Eye witness said that the teachers full of enthusiasms to prove their worth, allegedly introduced the use of “hit” before the ministry officials and some of the students wanted to know the past, present and continuous tense of the verb; in the process, the teachers mainly female, exposed their inadequacies.