• Yinka ‘yr’ Raimi

    Uncle Jimi, please pray tell what is the difference between MEND/NigerDelta militant and BOKO HARAM that one will get amnesty and billions of naira spent on their rehab while the other gets otherwise. PLS NOTE I AM NOT IN SUPPORT OF EITHER, IF U ASK ME ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE HUNG FROM THE TALLEST TREES IN THEIR AREA. But what’s with this ‘partial’ from GEJ . Both bombed and killed!

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  1. Uncle Jimi pls i support this question…… PLs just try n sheld more light on it. i always enjoy your programme

  2. I tend to sympathise with this argument at face value but after deep thought i run into a brickwall in my mind.whilst the demands of the militants are clear to all and sundry ,the same cannot be said of the boko haram sect.What i do know is that they are both products of bad governance over the years which if not put in check could give rise to the emergence of more groups like this.

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