Emerging media phobia at national confab…..The Sun


With delegates to the ongoing National Conference having spent almost a whole month discussing the speech deliv­ered by President Goodluck Jonathan on their inauguration, it is now very clear that they must speed up their deliberations if they are to make a success of their brief within the stipulated three-month time frame. However, rather than focus all their efforts on the job at hand, it would appear certain delegates are more interested in gagging the media and keeping journal­ists out of whatever is going on there.

About a fortnight ago, former Minister of Justice and a one-time member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Musa Elayo, urged the confab to adopt the Ex­ecutive Session approach of the legis­lature, at which issues are discussed in secrecy and away from the prying eyes of the media.

Straight, Frank And Hard Talk by Abba Mahmood

jona g

Nigeria is lying prostrate, almost dying, largely due to the actions and inactions of those we know as leaders – communal, religious, political, bureaucratic, traditional and the rest. What is happening in the country now defies logic and explanation. It is a tragic paradox created by situations we could have avoided, but refused to. This is the time to speak the bitter truth, for our people say that truth is bitter. As our holy scripture says, tell the truth and the truth shall set you free. That is what this column intends to do and has been trying to do – straight, frank and hard talk.

Frankly speaking, no amount of money can be spent that would destroy the image, reputation, integrity and good name of Islam and Muslims like what is happening now, which is ascribed to the Boko Haram insurgency, is doing. No propaganda could tarnish the religion of Islam and all its believers worse than the terrorism that is being perpetrated in Nigeria, supposedly in the name of the religion. We know that this is not Islam. We know that only the disciples of Lucifer can do this. Clearly, this issue is beyond occasional, silent condemnation and prayers. Why are the Islamic leaders keeping quiet and not openly countering this?

Osama bin Laden was never an Islamic theologian or scholar. He was at best a politician who was recruited by the CIA to head a so-called Jihad group to help America flush out Soviet troops in Afghanistan at the height of the Cold War. That was how Al-Qaida came into being. It appears Osama has inspired some deranged drug addicts who, in their hallucination, think they can kill anyone, destroy any community, kidnap young girls and rob in the name of religion. Consequently, there are more roadblocks in Borno State, according to an international correspondent who spoke recently, than in the entire Afghanistan that has been at war for over three decades now. When will the leaders come out clearly against these

The Nigerian Senate And Its Obsession For Regime Protection, By Garba Shehu

That David Mark’s Senate has given this country something that is very important: it is a Senate imbued with reassuring maturity that has ensured stability for the country’s young democracy. It is a gift that will not escape the interest of contemporary historians.

Their fixation with the legacy of democratic stability and often conciliatory tone in dealing with Jonathan’s executive arm of the government gives, on the other hand, a sense of evasiveness if not irresponsibility. Mark himself, as said in a previous article is a true model for this country’s historically restless and ambitious armed forces personnel who resorted to coups-d’ etat to achieve their ambition of power. Senator Mark, as I said at that time has proven by his success in the army and later politics, that it is indeed possible for any ambitious military personnel to shred their uniform, fight it out in the political turf and achieve leadership positions through democratic means. While it is no shame to rise from undemocratic origins as he did, this by itself doesn’t guarantee the broad vision needed to run the chaos called Nigeria.

The problem most people see with this Senate is that it is mellow and evasive on critical issues affecting the nation. In the name of stability and democratic well being of the nation, they seem to think that a blind support for the President means the same thing as support for democracy. Based on this wrong notion, they continue to give an uncritical support and, if you like, free pass to government on almost every issue including, but not limited to non-observance of the rule of law, and a chronic inability to implement budget appropriation beyond 30-35 percent.

Inheritance Rights For Girl Child…Vanguard

The Supreme Court voided the Igbo customary law, which denies daughters inheriting their fathers’ estate. The Supreme Court said it was discriminatory and in conflict with the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is a verdict that would have far-reaching effects in addressing a dehumanising tradition, which can no longer be excused in a modern, democratic society such as ours. It is a practice that regarded women as lower than men.

The judgment was given in a family dispute between Gladys Ada Ukeje, who was disinherited from the estate of her deceased father, Lazarus Ogbonna Ukeje. She sued her step-mother, Mrs. Lois Chituru Ukeje and her son, Enyinnaya Lazarus Ukeje.

The GDP re-basing that should be celebrated by Mattew Adejoh


A BUNCH of Nigerians was watching the final of the African Cup of Nations; and, against all odds, with the wobbling and fumbling of the country’s team, Nigeria won the cup, after a very long while. Some Nigerians hit the streets to celebrate. In other African cities the next day, they walked tall, especially in cities of South Africa, where they are usually despised and looked down upon, amidst persecution.

The common man on the streets of Nigeria did not get a kobo for the victory; neither was the price of fish in the market affected the day after the finals, but it felt good to be a Nigerian; and show once again that with proper planning and getting our acts together, we could rule the black world, if not the whole world.

A little bread and wine ‘does no harm’: Pope Francis goes against years of Catholic teaching and tells divorced woman it is OK to take communion


Pope Francis reportedly gave the divorced woman advice in a letter

The Catholic Church forbids divorcees from taking communion

Pope has been looking for a solution saying ‘something must be done’

Pope Francis has reportedly told a divorced woman that it is OK for her to take communion, saying that to accept the bread and wine ‘does no harm’.

The divorcee had written to the pontiff asking for advice about taking the Eucharist, as she did not want to do anything that would be wrong in the eyes of the church.

Where is our Money?

Sacking David Moyes made no sense at all by Daniel Finkelstein (The Times)

man u david

You cannot judge a manager over a mere nine months – and you shouldn’t judge an organisation by its leader anyway

On a soaking wet Wednesday evening in 2008, Chelsea’s captain John Terry stood in front of the goal in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium ready to take one of the most important kicks of his football career. If Terry scored from the penalty spot, his team would be winners of Europe’s Champions League, perhaps the greatest achievement in club football.

Yet as he ran up to shoot, the Chelsea man slipped. The ball hit the outside of the right post and went wide. Four penalties later and Manchester United were champions of Europe.

Dedicated to the Chibok Girls by Hannah Olaosebikan

The message below is for all Nigerians, in particular the Security Institutions, with the hope that someone will listen and respond to the cry of the missing girls. The silence is deafening. I wonder how we all manage to go to bed at night.
I earnestly long for a response from one and all.
Whose child or school is next?
We hope to see this on your blog. We are proud of you.

Don’t Compare Jonathan With Mandela, Obama – Fashola

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State has said the advert currently running on major television channels comparing President Goodluck Jonathan with great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and others as well as showcasing his achievement in the area of security and infrastructure is blasphemous.

Fashola commented on the issue on Tuesday at the public presentation of a book titled “Giants of History” (The Making of Our World), written by the Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Aderemi Ibirogba at the Civic Centre, Lagos, southwest Nigeria.
According to Fashola, the video advert, comparing some select world leaders like President Barack Obama, the late President Nelson Mandela and former Singaporean President, Lee Kuan Yew with Jonathan, is to say the least blasphemous.

“If those people think everything is all right, then it must be two things; it is either they are watching the news on black and white television sets or they are reading the newspaper upside down. It is not the leader who would tell us that he or she is great.
“We would be the ones to say it and acknowledge it because we wear the shoes and know where it hurts. At the end of the day, when the people are still crying out about their safety and electricity issues, it means that we are not speaking the same language and that we are not responding to the same stimuli,” he stated.

Governor Fashola said that proclaiming greatness should not be the lot of leaders themselves but the natural testimony of people who have felt the impact of their greatness, adding that great men do not tell the tales of their own greatness.
According to him, there is a leadership question in Nigeria which is primarily about the leadership vacuum that exists in the public sector, maintaining that there are so much resources in capacity and talent in the private sector.
He added that the answer to any question about whether Nigeria had the men and women who could deliver the goods in the public sector would elicit a definitive answer, but that the most pertinent question should be: have such people been deployed to areas where they are most needed?

Fashola asserted that the quicker the nation resolved to redeploy the men and women with the capacity to the areas of the public sector where the shoe pinches most, the better it would be for everyone.
The governor reiterated that this was not the best of times to be a leader because demands had not only become complex but the problems too had become complex, stressing that a leader must lead in good or bad times.
Fashola commended Ibirogba for picking the gauntlet when he challenged members of the cabinet to write and enrich public space because there is a dearth of books on public service life.

He expressed the hope that through the publication of such books which retell already told stories and people get to read them, they will feel inspired to do something about what they don’t like.
In his review of the book, Tunde Ipadeola described the book as a broad publication which shows the difference between fame and infamy, quite versatile and capable of use by people of all ages as it is concise and precise.

He added that having read the book with an inner radar turned on for why any particular choice was made, he discovered that each chosen example earned his or her place in the pantheon and could have been more but because the author chose to settle for the statistically significant number of 150.

The book was later publicly presented by Governors Fashola and Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State, while being supported by the representatives of the Governors of Ogun State, Mr Yussuph Olaniyonu; Edo State, Mr Louis Odion; Oyo State, Prince Gbade Lana and Mr Tayo Ekundayo from Ekiti State.
Prominent among those who witnessed the event were members of the state Executive Council including the Secretary to the State Government, Dr (Mrs) Ranti Adebule, Commissioners for Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr Taofik Tijani, Youth, Sports and Social Development, Mr Enitan Oshodi, Finance, Ayo Gbeleyi and several local government chairmen and party leaders.

Kazeem Ugbodaga


JD:I honestly dont understand why the Presidents media team engage in sycophancy with their boss which ultimately brings him to ridicule.One finds that ad in completely bad taste and almost insulting to the gentlemen used as reference points.So so sad

UNILAG: Jonathan Said Status Quo Should Remain —VC

unilag logoPresident Goodluck Jonathan has agreed that the University of Lagos should keep its identity pending the resolution of the National Assembly on the controversial name change.

Jonathan had on June 12, 2012 announced the change of the institution’s nomenclature from University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University, leading to a protest.

The move also led to a court case, forcing the Federal Government to back down on the plan, with a request to the National Assembly to amend the law setting up the institution.

Impunity of the high and mighty……Guardian

IGTHAT officers of the Nigeria Police and other security operatives could be illegally deployed and used wantonly by privileged Nigerians (especially politicians and government contractors) to harass and assault other citizens, or address personal grievances reflects the level of impunity in the land.  It also exposes the unprofessionalism and administrative decadence in the law enforcement and security circles.

Recently, insalubrious events brought this to public focus. Prominent among them was an Abuja High Court award of N5 million exemplary damages against the Inspector-General of Police for human rights abuse of one Bonny Okonkwo, a businessman and critic of Emeka Offor, a chieftain of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Okonkwo was said to have been arrested on July 17, 2013 at his Lagos residence by a team of policemen and illegally detained for 37 days.

The police, it was gathered, charged Okonkwo with writing an alleged defamatory article against Offor on a website.     

Inexcusable folly….Nation

•The attitudes of the president, his team and the military to the abduction of 234 girls expose incompetence and insensitivity

jona armyTears are flowing in Borno State. Tears of fathers and mothers. Tears from the absence of daughters abducted by militants who pass themselves off as the messengers of God. The nation at large is caught in this emotional pain and outpouring.

Hours after bombs detonated at the popular Nyanya bus terminal in Abuja, the daredevil bigots drove trucks into a secondary school, the Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State. Initial reports had it that the young men whisked away 100 girls. Later the number moved up to 129. Newspapers reported on Tuesday that the number suffered from steep undercount. The real figure, adding 105 arts students, leapt to 234. This number came from the testimonies of the parents who are still at a loss why their wards sent to school under the bower of a government protection should be removed into a place they cannot imagine, subjected to treatment they cannot conceive and they could be wondering, in the absence of any clue, whether their girls are dead or alive.

The worsening electricity supply in Nigeria..Daily Independent

It is instructive to note that the provision of adequate electricity supply is germane to the supposed massive transformation agenda of this government.

Six months into the new era of electricity privatization, the teething problems, which have led to very low level of electricity supply in the country are in full swing. In virtually all of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja there is the tale of woes about the worsening problem of power outage. It is such that economic activities in most parts of Nigeria are grinding to a halt, with the small and medium enterprises counting their losses. In the first quarter of this year, the quantity of power supplied was estimated at about 3500 mega watts (mw). But now in the second quarter, the level has dropped to less than 2000 mw. And this is at the backdrop of expert recommendation that Nigeria requires 40,000 mw (minimum) to meaningfully drive her economy.

Dubi Imevbore discusses Ifa this Sunday at THE DISCOURSE

Last year we had DUBI IMEVBORE, at The Discourse,disscusssing IFA.The discussion was inconclusive.This Sunday at The Discourse we will again have Dubi, lawyer,Ifa advocate and Oluwo ijo Orunmila,(UK) in the house to continue his discussion with Jimi Disu on Ifa and other African religions. dnt miss it